beth jankola

bringing color to light

She roved her video camera an inch from my painting (back & forth around & around) at the art opening, the noise of the crowd bubbling around us.

"Why do you paint?" she asked.

"It makes me feel good." I replied.

"Why do you paint?" she asked again.

"I love color. Color is what it's all about." I replied.

"Why do you paint?" she asked yet again.

I said "Dare I use that cliched word that has so often been spoken, that word 'spiritual'? Painting is a spiritual experience, that is why I'm called a 'process' painter. The process of painting for me is a spiritual experience."

artist's statement

I work intuitively directly applying mediums to flat rectangular supports, creating a self-referential statement which through my exponential growth of line, shape, colour and texture can shape its own synchronous resolution. This is not so much a ‘style’ as it is a covenant between me and my materials. The only allowable subject of painting is paint – these parameters also exclude a lot of things such as autobiography, language, copying from the visible universe, propaganda, record keeping and decoration. My work is strictly a private discourse, which eventually will become public.


All paintings are acrylic on panel. Click on the images for a closer look.